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Willy - 3 August 15:22

Je suis temeraire! Je veux toi a la maison. Tu Pourras baise comme vous voulez.

Cordia - 30 December 18:11

Je suis Allie, une femme de la debut vingtaine.

Lamonica - 13 November 15:11

Inis Beag sounds a lot like rural Appalachia during the 40's and 50's actually. My grandmother said that she didn't know what a period was when she got it and all her mother did was hand her a rag. Didn't explain a thing to her. My maternal grandmother didn't even know where babies came out when she got pregnant with my mother. I don't think it was quite as extreme as Inis Beag, but I could see some similarities.

Delaremore - 27 April 22:43

Easy way to remember if the answer to the question is him/her, you say whom. if it's he/she, it's who.

Leonti - 25 July 22:46

absolutely amazing ,,,, love to be part of this party

Lavanchy - 22 September 03:46

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Wertz - 16 July 22:15

I didn't see it until you pointed it out, so I feel like a right bloody idiot for not noticing it. Anyway if I see someone in need I help them in most cases unless I either don't like that person or I feel too lazy to do it. I've realized the bystander effect doesn't have as profound an effect on me as others, probably has to do with my difficulty to understand social situations.В